Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?
Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?​

How To Get A Slimmer Waistline – 4 Powerful Eating Methods That Will Shed Inches Off Your Body In No Time!

Last updated on January 12th, 2023

To get a slimmer waistline, what it is you eat, how you eat, and when you eat is by far the ultimate secret to success. So much time is spent worrying on doing things that are just complimentary (such as ab exercises, taking supplements, taking diet pills, going on a detox, etc.).

The focus should always be on what it is you are putting in your stomach if you want to enhance your total body and get the body you've always wanted.

But, with that being said, there are some things that you got to know to ensure that your eating habits will in fact work very well for you to slim down your waist, flatten your stomach, decrease pounds, and make you feel like a million bucks… and that's what I'm going to talk to you about today.

In today's article, I'm going to share with you 5 very powerful eating techniques that have been proven time and time again to be extremely effective for burning off fat, dropping pounds, boosting your metabolism, increasing your energy levels, increasing your willpower, and so much more. Take a couple of minutes out of your busy day and read on to learn more.

Firstly, before I get into those 4 powerful eating methods, I just want to help you with something real quick. I want to help you in understanding that unnatural dieting will NOT get you the results you are hoping for… regardless of the claims being made in the dozens of ads you are bombarded with daily.

Unnatural dieting is based around methods that are primarily centered on restricting key nutrients and calories. These types of diets have the right idea (such as decreasing carbs, fats, and calories), but… (and this is a very big BUT)… they tend to take this ideology a little too far… to say the least!

When you significantly reduce nutrients and calories, this will do more harm to your body than good. The 5 tips I'm going to talk about below with further elaborate on what will be a healthier alternative…

Make Your Sure You Are Eating To Live — And Not Living To Eat…

“Eat to live and not live to eat” is a very powerful quote to always remember with dieting and life in general. In essence, what this quote means is that you must eat moderately at all times and you must eat natural healthy foods.

Unfortunately, many people do the exact opposite… and that of course is the reason obesity, weight related illnesses, and so much more are on the rise.

Furthermore, living to eat is the culprit for many having a lack of energy, stress and anxiety, strong hunger pangs, digestive issues and more.

To solve this problem, it's very simple.

Eat to live!

To do that, simply eat foods just until you are satisfied, and not until you are feeling like you are about to explode. Of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner can be an exception. But even still, I recommend you take it easy.

Just remember this: LISTEN to your body. Your body will let you know if it is satisfied or if you've eaten too much.

Also, one extra tip to take note of here is that the body takes about 20 minutes after you have eaten a meal to send a signal to your brain that you are full. So, the best things I recommend you do are:

• Drink a glass of water before your meals, and then sip on water during your meal.

• Eat your meals slower and chew your food thoroughly (mom was certainly right about this growing up)!

• And finally, allow your body to process the food and send that signal to your brain that you are full.

Trust me, you'll be surprised how you'll feel if you just wait a little while after eating a meal that you once thought couldn't fill you up!

You Should Cheat Every Now And Then For A Couple Of VERY Good Reasons…

Most people are either frightened or excited about having a cheat meal during a diet.

Those that are nervous feel this way because they feel as if they end up eating a cheat meal or food, that they'll end up giving up on their diet, or they feel nervous thinking that eating that one slice of cake just ruined their diet.

Those that are excited feel this way because they'll get to eat their favorite foods while dieting.

Bottom line, having a cheat meal is not that bad… and there are 2 very good reasons why.

1. If you have a cheat meal the right way, you will actually cause a spike in your metabolic rate… which will of course speed up fat loss!

2. And secondly, cheating once in a while will prevent you from feeling deprived… which could then end up causing you to lose motivation… and more.

But there is a catch here…

You have to cheat the right way! To do that, you of course should only cheat in strict moderation (like once a week for example), and you should never over do it with your cheat day/meal. There are diet programs out there that are actually based around cheating during a diet, so I recommend you check those out.

Eat Backwards…

What this means is that you should start your day with eating the most calories and taper off the amount of calories you are eating per meal towards the end of the day. Your body will respond much more with losing fat and weight by this type of eating. You'll feel more energy, you'll have a faster metabolism, and so much more!

Most folks usually have a light breakfast or no breakfast, a modest lunch or no lunch, and then go absolutely INSANE around dinner time! That is one surefire way to slow your metabolism down!

Eat More Often…

In the first tip above, I mentioned that you should never eat too many calories at once. However, starving yourself is also a bad idea. So what gives?

Well, what to do is to still eat a small amount of calories per meal, BUT, eat MORE meals! Doing this will boost your metabolism and so much more. MANY diet programs are based around this technique.

So, if you want to slim down your waistline and get that amazing body, following those simple eating techniques above will certainly help! Try it!

Coach Luke

Coach Luke

Is a dedicated health and fitness expert committed to helping people reach their highest potential. He loves guiding people on their journey to better health and wellbeing.
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