Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?
Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?​

4 Secret Weight Loss Tips That Can Cause Pounds To Disappear Off The Scale In No Time!

Last updated on January 12th, 2023

Do you have a lot of weight and body fat that you need to get rid of? Have you been on several journeys trying to get results, but, you just can't seem to get to where you've always wanted to be?

If this is the case, then down below I have for you today 4 “secret” weight loss tips that are sure to help you go from not getting results… to getting results so suddenly you'll think something is wrong!

Consume The Best Fat Loss Nutrient And The Best Drink Before Every Meal…

One of the biggest problems facing dieters is that they don't feel full after eating a meal or they feel hungry too often during the day. Well, eating high quality protein and drinking water before your meal will go a long way to defeating this issue!

There are 2 things that are accomplished with consuming protein and water before a meal:

1.) You will feel more full during and after your meal.

2.) You will help your body with burning off fat faster due to the fat burning power of protein!

A suggestion I have for you here is to have a healthy protein shake before your meals and at least 6 ounces of water. You'll feel more satisfied, you'll have more energy, you'll help your digestive system, you'll increase your metabolism, and more.

If you don't have protein shakes, you can also achieve the same results by having a handful of almonds as well!

Drink The Following 3 Times A Day And Be Amazed At How Healthier You'll Feel…

You know, there are some things in this world that will just leave you speechless with how powerful they are. And one of those things is organic apple cider vinegar!

Apple cider vinegar (or ACV for short) is an extremely powerful liquid supplement that can help fix a ton of issues with your body… to say the least! To give you an example, here are just SOME of the things this stuff can do…

• You can increase energy levels.

• You can fight off common sicknesses.

• You can decrease inflammation in your joints.

• You can decrease certain types of pains (like headaches for examples).

• You can decrease high blood pressure and cholesterol.

• You increase your metabolic rate.

• You decrease hunger cravings.

• And more!

• And it's cheap!

BUT… there is one slight catch with this “miracle drink”… as there is with anything else that is good in life. The catch is that this stuff has a taste that will require some getting used to (lol). It is VERY strong. But, you can decrease the questionable taste by mixing it with a large glass of water or you can make a salad dressing out of it!

To get the full benefits of ACV, the way I recommend you consume it is to simply mix 3 tablespoons of it with a large glass of water and drink this a few times a day. For added benefits, drink it before meals to help feel fuller!

Oh, and you can find organic apple cider vinegar either online or in your local health and nutritional store. One more thing, make sure you get the ORGANIC kind that contains a substance called “the mother” (which is the primary healing substance in ACV).

Include Another Miracle Substance Into Your Diet…

Another miracle substance besides the amazing ACV is something called Salba.

Salba is a very powerful seed that has enormous health benefits. The great thing about it is that it doesn't have any type of flavor. And this means that you can pretty much include it with just about any meal you have (salads, pasta, soups, and more).

What Salba can do for you in regards to weight loss is it helps with cleansing your body, decreasing strong hunger pangs and craving urges, it increases your energy level, and it can help with boosting your metabolism.

Also, a jar of Salba can last quite a while… so that way it can be considered a very affordable supplement to help with your weight loss and fat loss goals.

Put Your Metabolism In A State Of SHOCK…

Throughout the night, your metabolism has slowed down. Therefore, when you awake, shocking your metabolism is clearly something that can cause your body to burn off pounds of fat starting first thing in the morning!

To “shock” your metabolism first thing in the morning, there are a couple of things I recommend that you do as soon as you awake…

1. Drink a large glass (16 ounces is recommended) of water.

This is important to do because your digestive system was active during the night and it used a good amount of water in your body to process foods and waste. This is why you may feel pretty thirsty when you awake.

Since your body is feeling dehydrated, supply it with a large glass of water when you wake up. This of course will prevent symptoms of a lack of water from occurring (like water retention, dehydration, and a whole lot more), and it will also cause your metabolism to raise as well!

2. Do a quick body weight circuit workout to wake your body up!

This is very easy to do, very quick, and very effective.

All you need to do is perform about 3-5 different body weight workouts in a circuit for just 5 minutes. Here is an example:

A.) Do 10 jumping jacks.

B.) Do 5 full burpees (squat down, jump into a push up position, do a push up, jump your legs back into a squatting position, then jump up with your hands in the air).

C.) Do 10 body weight lunges.

D.) 25 abdominal crunches.

E.) And then jog in place for 30 seconds.

Repeat the above for 5 minutes. Mix it up everyday to make it fun and motivating!

Implement those 4 simple strategies into your weight loss plan and I can assure you… you WILL see a difference! The golden key to always remember however is that nothing… and I mean NOTHING, is going to work effectively if you don't stay consistent. So, when you get started on your plan, make sure that you are doing something that you know you wouldn't have a problem staying consistent with. With those easy steps above implemented, that certainly shouldn't be a problem!

Coach Luke

Coach Luke

Is a dedicated health and fitness expert committed to helping people reach their highest potential. He loves guiding people on their journey to better health and wellbeing.
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