Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?
Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?​

Are You Making Excuses Simply Out of Habit?

Have you worked with someone who makes endless excuses about everything? It feels terrible, right? You wished you had never had to deal with this person and probably preferred that you had done the job yourself.

As human beings, it is our nature to use our default responses to various circumstances. We ignore the possibility of thinking creatively. As an alternative, we choose familiar and sometimes nonsensical excuses just to get things over with.

To know how to avoid making these trivial excuses, let us understand first why we make them.

You Do Not Have Goals

Do you know what you want? Do you have an end goal in mind? The things you partake and do in your day to day life should lead you towards achieving a specific goal. If you do not have realistic and measurable goals, you will have less care for what is happening around you. With that, it is very easy for you to make excuses, even to yourself, to avoid doing something valuable.

You Are Afraid

From childhood days, you are conditioned to live up to other people's expectations. You are probably expected to do well at school, land a well-paying job and start a family. In short, you are programmed to follow a certain path. If there is a detour from this path, fear and hesitation can start to overpower you.

The fear of what might happen next, which is not according to plan, is one of the reasons why you may make an excuse. Why not try to be radical sometimes? Something great might even happen.

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You Might Fail

Sometimes we are hesitant in starting actions as they may ultimately lead to failure. Human as we are, we do not want to be blamed for our own failure and even the failure in others. A huge part of emotional maturity is the realization that failure is just a word.

A wise person changes course and continues towards their goal, with one less variable to contend with. Anyone can fail, even the smartest and strongest ones will stumble.

You Are Unsure

Uncertainty can be stressful. But having nothing to do can be stressful, right? One of the common reasons why people resort to making excuses rather than doing actions is the uncertainty of the future. You are unsure due to lack of experience. This the catch-22, you cannot get experience until you try. So have a go!

You Lack Knowledge

A person can also be uncertain about a specific situation due to the lack of adequate information and knowledge. Even if we have a great idea, we may shy away and hide it because we are not equipped with the right knowledge.

You might think that others will question your idea because you do not have knowledgeable expertise in it. However, when we make excuses, things don't get done, or are not done as well or quickly as they should.

Bland and trivial excuses are often times the main reason why people are not able to accomplish their life plans. It can become very limiting when making excuses becomes a habit, as the excuse it seen as justification by yourself not to do what really does need to be done.

Take time for some critical self-reflection and ask yourself if your excuse habit is what is holding you back. So, now is the right time to stop making excuses and do things right. Avoiding the signs above will help you achieve greater things in life.

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