Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?
Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?​

10 Things To Avoid In Order To Get Great Results With Your Fitness Goals

Last updated on January 12th, 2023

The secret to getting success with diet and exercise does not start with your diet and your exercise plan. It starts with your mind.

Most people approach getting in shape right away with simply choosing the hottest diet out there and jumping on the hottest exercise program or equipment.

If you want to get results with fitness, it's vitally important that you are doing everything you can to ensure you stay consistent with your efforts. To make this possible, here's what I recommend you do:

A.) You have to first get into the mindset of someone who lives healthy. This is done by creating a habit out of exercising daily. You can easily do this by first choosing a program you can stick to. Second, choose a time of day to workout that's easy for you.

B.) You have to next prepare yourself to stay consistent and dedicated to your program.

C.) Last but certainly not least, when it comes to fitness, you MUST stop focusing on the following 10 things people pay WAY too much attention to… and instead focus on just ONE thing that will change your body faster than ever before (which I'll talk about in a second).

You want to make all your hard work pay off? Stop focusing…

1. On how many calories you are burning.

2. On what you should wear to workout.

3. On how you look while working out (unless it is to watch your form).

4. On buying all kinds of fitness equipment.

5. On socializing at the gym.

6. On what's better: working out at home or working out at the gym.

7. On whether you are going to be sore or not after a workout.

8. On doing excessive cardio.

9. On trying to improve one (or more) parts of your body (you workout to improve your WHOLE BODY).

10. On ab exercises (THEY DO NOT REMOVE BELLY FAT)!

Now, the secret to getting success with your fitness goals (and actually many of life's goals as well) is to…

Focus on breaking your comfort zone and challenge yourself with every workout!

The one thing to remember is that your body is not going to change unless you are challenging yourself with fitness. If you are not sweating, if you are not feeling exhausted, if you are not breathing heavily… you are not challenging yourself! Your body DOES NOT like changes! You have to tell it to shut up, wake up, and be prepared for something amazing that is about to happen!

Bottom line, when that moment arrives during your workout when you feel like quitting, when you are battling voices in your head telling you to stop, when you feel like you would do anything to catch your breath, when you are sweating so much it looks like you went swimming, when you are breathing so hard you can't talk, and when you have to give everything you got for that last repetition, the last mile, the last minute, etc., then that's when you WILL… SEE… CHANGES!

Coach Luke

Coach Luke

Is a dedicated health and fitness expert committed to helping people reach their highest potential. He loves guiding people on their journey to better health and wellbeing.
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