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Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?​

Boosting Productivity with Mindfulness

When it comes to productivity there is almost always a compromise between quality and quantity. Many people believe that productivity is only a numbers game, it is simply about getting the job done as quickly as possible. To them, the more things people get done regardless of their quality constitutes productivity.

However, there is more to productivity than ticking off items on our to-do list. Our ability to stay focused and get the important things done (and done right), are often more crucial to productivity. Without this ability to qualify and know what to prioritize, we're often left always busy, but not necessarily productive.

Going beyond the quantitative aspect of productivity, we see that other factors are equally or more significant, and these are what we need to focus on. Very often, "less is more" can be what being truly productive means.

While many things could keep us from being our most productive, there are countless strategies to boost productivity. Numerous apps, gadgets, a variety of support, and expert advice-givers are all within reach for those who need help for many job descriptions. But even without these resources, we are infinitely capable of boosting our productivity.

How Mindfulness Helps Boost Productivity

Tapping into mindfulness can be a superpower. Through this practice, one that is known to be grounded on ancient Buddhist traditions, we work with our minds to bring ourselves back into the present. Mindfulness is seemingly a simple concept, but it comes with exceptional benefits.

Although it may seem a simple concept, it does require real mental effort, especially for those unused to performing it.

The greatest value of mindfulness lies in its ability to keep us rooted in the present moment, where our true power lies. Being mindful enables us to think consciously, deliberately choose our actions, heighten our self-awareness, and even regulate our emotions.

With the help of mindfulness, we can achieve mental clarity, empowering us to be at peace with whatever situations we're in and helping us function at a higher level. The greatest benefit of mindfulness in a productivity sense is improved focus. It also gives a real appreciation of what we doing and creating, making us feel that our part has value.

In addition to the numerous benefits of mindfulness on our wellbeing and our lives in general, it simultaneously enhances our productivity as well.

Mindfulness Clears our Mind of Distracting Thoughts

Our own thoughts are sometimes the biggest thing getting in our way. When we're plagued with worry, confusion, fear, or anxiety, it can be really hard to transcend all of that and have a clear mind. Many times we're at the mercy of events beyond our control, and these can drive our emotions.

To do our work effectively we almost always need to go beyond our feelings and do what we have to do; in other words, become proactive and productive. Mindfulness gives us the ability to achieve peace of mind and find inner strength in spite of disruptions.

Mindfulness Effectively Helps Us Fight Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can sometimes be difficult to battle when resources or support are limited or lacking. What is relieving to know is that we have something within ourselves to help us during stressful and anxiety-inducing moments. Mindfulness enables us to fight stress and anxiety which can otherwise fill our lives with negativity or even contribute to conditions like chronic stress.
Aside from helping us mentally and emotionally, mindfulness equally supports our physical well-being. Mindfulness can help us boost productivity by keeping stress and anxiety at bay.

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Mindfulness Helps us to Sleep Better

Mindfulness can help improve our sleep. By helping us acknowledge and accept present situations (even those we have little to no control of), we are able to relax better. Mindfulness helps us sleep better every night. Sleep quality is vital to our well-being and also our ability to focus and stay productive. With enough sleep every night, we're better able to handle our day-to-day activities with more effectiveness and achieve greater productivity overall.

Mindfulness Empowers us to Be Emotionally Aware

Emotions, far too often, get in the way of our ability to function well. When something is bothering us emotionally, how we feel can adversely affect our actions and decisions. Being too emotionally-loaded can cause us to lose our sound judgment or ability to think clearly.

Positive emotions help us become more productive, whereas negative ones often keep us from moving forward as we could. Becoming emotionally aware and grounding ourselves through mindfulness are effective ways to stay on track when we're feeling overwhelmed.

Mindfulness Helps us to Exercise Self-Regulation

Many of us find it hard to exercise self-restraint. We often act out of impulse, not wisdom, which leads to wrong decisions or lost productivity. Constantly procrastinating is one example of this. However, lost time can never be regained. Mindfulness helps us to become self-aware and mindful of our present goals, helping us to put "right now" above the rest. It enables us to find the emotional strength to regulate ourselves and resist distractions.

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