Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?
Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?​

Decoding the Mystery: Why Under-Eating Might Lead to Gaining Weight

Are you drastically cutting down your food consumption in the hopes of shedding some pounds? Do you find it disheartening to see no significant changes, or even notice an increase in your weight? Don't lose heart, every problem has a solution.

The first thing you want to do is identify potential mistakes in your weight-loss routine that could be causing weight gain instead.

Here are a few possible reasons and remedies to consider:

Feeling Lethargic and Becoming Less Active

A reduction in food consumption can lead to a decrease in energy levels since your body has to adapt to sourcing energy from fat stores instead of a quick sugar rush. This may make you feel less inclined to exercise, leading to a slower metabolic rate and fewer calories burned. But remember, this phase is temporary. Once your body begins to consume fat for energy, weight loss will follow.

However, to see weight loss, a calorie deficit is necessary. If you reduce your calorie intake without increasing your physical activity, you may just burn the calories you consume and not the stored fat. This could be why you're gaining or not losing weight despite eating less. Factors like age, activity level, current metabolism, and body fat ratio play a part. Increasing physical activity can help create a calorie deficit.

Consuming Sugary Drinks or Energy Drinks

Even with regular workouts and a healthy diet, weight gain can occur if you frequently consume sweetened coffee, sodas, fruit juices, smoothies, sugar-laden energy drinks, or alcohol. These drinks add to your calorie intake, leading to weight gain. Opt for water instead! Even zero-calorie sugar-free or diet sodas can be harmful and should be avoided.

Not Being Honest About Your Food Intake

People often fail to count the “taste tests” while cooking a meal. These extra nibbles do add up, so it's important to account for them. Using a fitness app to track the calories in your meal can help you understand if you're under-eating, overeating, or have the right calorie intake for weight loss.

Skipping Protein at Breakfast

Eating protein-rich foods can help you feel fuller for longer. Missing out on protein at breakfast could lead to increased snacking, especially on sugary foods. A healthy and balanced breakfast is crucial as it stabilizes your blood sugar levels and aids proper metabolism, helping you maintain your ideal weight.

Entering Starvation Mode

Skipping meals can push your body into starvation mode, especially if you're nutrient deficient. Your metabolism slows down as your body conserves energy and burns fewer calories during digestion. This also results in lower energy levels for physical activities and your body storing consumed food as fat for later use.

Losing Track of Portion Control

Even if you're eating healthier, your meal portions might still be too large. Excessive food, even if it's healthy, can lead to increased fat storage. The key is moderation.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Not drinking sufficient water can sometimes lead to mistaking thirst for hunger. Staying hydrated can help distinguish between hunger and thirst, aid digestion, and support the functioning of your kidneys and liver. A lack of water can cause your liver to store fat instead of burning it. Drinking cold water can suppress your appetite or cravings for sugary food and soda and boost your metabolism.


Weight gain despite under-eating can be addressed with simple solutions. Keep a food diary or use a calorie counter app to monitor your calorie intake, include exercise in your routine, ensure sufficient sleep, and make smart eating choices. Your commitment to a healthy lifestyle is the key to combating unwanted weight gain.

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