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Different Types of Intuition – The Four Clairs of Intuition

The Four Clairs: Uncovering the Different Kinds of Intuition

Everyone possesses some level of intuition, but not everyone is aware of its presence or its type. Interestingly, intuition comes in various forms. According to a popular classification method, there are four primary types of intuition, also known as the ‘four clairs.' You might be stronger in some than others, but it's possible to be proficient in all four. Recognizing which type of intuition you possess can help you better connect with it and learn when to rely on it for optimal results.

Ready to discover your type of intuition? Let's dive in!

The ‘Four Clairs' of Intuition


Clairaudience is discerned when it feels like someone is whispering in your mind. This intuitive voice is usually calm and steady, providing you with a word, a number, or a brief message.

Perhaps you've experienced it in the form of a voice calling your name, seemingly out of nowhere. Or, it could be a voice from within you, offering directives like ‘make an immediate right turn' or warning you of a potential danger. If you hear such a ‘voice' that you find hard to disregard, you might possess clairaudient intuition.


Clairvoyance is probably the most familiar type of intuition, involving the ability to envision certain things or events. It allows you to see images or scenarios in your mind's eye, which might be indicative of future happenings. However, these are often metaphorical or symbolic representations, rather than literal or actual visualizations.

Those with clairvoyant abilities are often linked to the concept of the ‘third eye.' They are typically imaginative, tend to daydream, and have more vibrant dreams. For example, while talking to a friend, they could see an image of them showing certain emotions, which are clear in their mind.


Clairsentience, or the capacity to sense others' feelings, is considered the most common and practical type of intuition. Clairsentients can detect physical, emotional, and energetic sensations.

This intuition type gives you genuine gut feelings— the butterflies, the sinking feeling, or the warm fuzziness. Clairsentients are often skilled at reading people and understanding their surroundings. They might even feel others' emotions as their own— making them happier when others are happy, or more empathetic when others are grieving.


Claircognizance is aptly named as ‘clear knowing.' It's when thoughts abruptly emerge in your mind, providing you with a precise course of action, even without any supporting evidence. This type of intuition is common among analytical individuals who favor logic over fantasy.

In instances of claircognizance, it's important to note that these sudden ideas can disappear as swiftly as they appear. Hence, it's advisable for claircognizants to jot down their thoughts as they occur.

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Want to Enhance Your Intuition?

If you're interested in nurturing your intuition, here are some strategies that might help:

  • Pay attention to the sounds in your environment.
  • Regularly meditate.
  • Always have a notebook handy for recording your thoughts.
  • Maintain an intuition journal to document the messages you receive.
  • Start following your instincts and observe the results.
  • Perform daily body scans and make a note of any unusual sensations.
  • Allow yourself to dream— perhaps by creating a vision board.
  • Act swiftly and avoid overthinking.


Intuition comes in different forms— clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), and claircognizance (knowing). You might hear a distinct voice in your head, visualize an image or a situation, sense the energies and emotions around you, or gain a clear understanding of what needs to be done without any doubts.

While some people might have one or two dominant types of intuition, others might excel in all four. You can develop your intuition to trust it better. Regular meditation and mindfulness of your surroundings are two effective ways to refine your intuition. Pay attention to the messages your intuition sends, and with time, you'll comprehend them better and reap the benefits of this extraordinary gift.

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