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Distinct Characteristics of a Deceitful Person

Identifying the Traits of a Dishonest Individual

Appearances can be misleading. It's not uncommon to easily trust someone we've just met, simply because we perceive them as honest and upright. They might seem reliable, and we might not see through their schemes to deceive us.

If you've ever been taken advantage of by a deceitful person and blamed yourself for being too trusting or for being fooled by their cunning, don't be too hard on yourself. The fault doesn't lie with you for being trusting, but with those individuals who have mastered the art of deception. Some people have made a life out of constructing lies designed to mislead others.

Deception refers to a particular act, strategy, or trick used to cleverly deceive or outsmart someone. It's the antithesis of honesty. Deception can take many forms, but it's a habit or pattern of behavior that a person uses intentionally to mislead. A dishonest person is inclined to cheat, lie, mislead, conceal, and distort the truth. Their deception might not involve outright lying, but it can be subtle and more intricate. They mislead others by omitting, concealing, or distorting the truth.

Dishonest Individuals Lie, Cheat, and Steal

Detecting deceit can be challenging because the deceiver is adept at devising plans to mislead or convince you. Understanding their traits can help avoid falling prey to their lies and dishonesty. However, even with distinctive traits, they can be difficult to identify!

Here are some traits to look out for:

Masters of Pretense

They are skilled liars and can impersonate anyone they wish, convincing others of their false identity. Remember Frank Abagnale, whose autobiography inspired a movie? He successfully deceived countless people, claiming to be a pilot, a doctor, a lawyer, and more, all while still a teenager. Such people aim to gain others' trust and confidence to defraud them.

Charming Personality and Looks

Like Frank Abagnale, dishonest people often have a charming personality and are generally physically attractive. This gives them an extra edge in deceiving others, making them seem trustworthy.

Sadly, many people equate attractiveness with goodness. Good looks can lead some people to have positive expectations about their character. They can seem irresistible as they mask their intentions with a charming demeanor. They make a good first impression.

Credit Thieves

They claim credit for others' work. They'll encourage you to share your insights, knowledge, or valuable information, then claim all the credit for your hard work! As the saying goes:

“Show me a liar, and I'll show you a thief.” – George Herbert

They're unbothered by the potential harm their ‘theft' could cause to someone's feelings or reputation.

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They are cunning liars who blend lies with truth to manipulate. They don't exhibit fear, guilt, or anxiety. In conversations, they maintain control and exude confidence and relaxation. If challenged, they respond with repetitive statements that buy them time to think of plausible answers, using expressive gestures to distract their listeners.

Dislike Apologies

Dishonest individuals seldom admit their mistakes or take responsibility because they can't stand the idea of apologizing. They have an inflated sense of self-importance. It's rare to hear a dishonest person apologize, and if they do, they tend to shift the blame onto you. They often scapegoat others for their mistakes and poor life choices.

Unpredictable and Demeaning

Their unpredictable behavior makes it challenging to discern their true intentions. They frequently change their behavior patterns, causing others to second-guess themselves.

Beware of individuals who subtly undermine your self-esteem or cause others to lose faith in you. They aim to turn these people against you or make you dislike someone who can see through their lies.


When confronted about their lies and deceit, they become extremely defensive. They'll deny your accusations until you start doubting your judgment. They want you to question yourself so they can appear honest and unjustly misunderstood. Their body language might reveal signs of their deceit. For instance, they might start crying, appear victimized, avoid eye contact, or cross their arms.


Nobody wants to fall victim to a dishonest individual. If you suspect someone of being deceitful, try to recognize their behaviors early to protect yourself. They're individuals you should not trust, regardless of whether they're family, friends, colleagues, or partners.

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