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Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?​

Fear of Rejection and Failure in Business

Are you a business person or a new entrepreneur thinking of going into business? If so, then having a fear of rejection or failure in your business is normal. If you have already experienced rejection and failure, then it takes determination and motivation to stand up and keep going in the face of this new challenge.

However, you probably already know that you are not the first person to have done so, and you certainly won't be the last.

Many People Are Rejected Before They Experience Success

No-one ever said it was easy, and if it were, everybody would be doing it. Every person, in business or not, faces obstacles and rejection in their everyday life.

A quick survey of people would tell you that rejection is a natural part of the business game. Rejection can come from anywhere. It can be from people who don't believe in your product or people who cannot relate to you, or from people who don't understand or want what you are trying to accomplish. It can be from sheer envy of who you are or your abilities and attainments.

During these trying moments, it would be easy to throw your hands in the air and quit. However, you would be walking away from your goals and potential success. Knowing how to confront rejection in your business can massively help you shape the right mindset and bounce back to keep on going.

Confronting Fear of Rejection and Failure

Don't be afraid to take the plunge! When launching a business, you need to understand that you cannot afford to devote much of your time to worry. You need to focus positively and channel your efforts into action, not fretting over awful outcomes that may never eventuate.

You need to confront your uncertainties and stop crippling self-doubt. Whether you are a novice entrepreneur or a seasoned businessman, if you want success, pursue it! You need to think bigger than your fears and just do it.

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Fixation on Fear Can Be Your Undoing

Fear is one of our basic instinctive emotions. The purpose of fear is to guide us from harmful things and situations. Therefore, fear is quite normal as it is for our protection. It is a signal for us to be careful. However, fear is not meant for us to agonize over; it was designed to protect us from acute and immediate dangers.

Once you learn to harness the real intention of fear, you can use it to enrich your actions in your business. Use any fear of rejection as a guide to doing bigger and better things. This is how successful people in business use and see any rejection. They don't see it as a failure; they use it as feedback to get them closer to success.

Tips to Overcome Fear of Rejection and Failure in Business

Believe in Yourself

No entrepreneur should engage in a calculated risk without foresight and preparation. If you know that you have taken all the necessary steps essential for a good business launch, stay hopeful and optimistic. Believe in your abilities. Have faith in yourself. Give yourself some credit! If this is your first business venture, stay strong and expect success. Do not be afraid of negative feedback. Be ready to learn from any mistakes, and look for areas to improve in.

Accept Fear

Accept that rear is a valid and rational emotion. Feeling fear does not mean you do not have the courage to continue. It means you are not foolhardy. However, do not let far stop your progress. Accept, then work through any fear of rejection and failure. You can transform your concept of fear from something paralyzing to something challenging and inspiring. Do not treat fear as an enemy. Draw insight from it. Find out the root cause of your fear. Ask yourself questions like "what triggered this fear?" or "what is the inner message that this fear wants me to confront?" By forcing yourself to reframe your concept of fear, it can become your friend rather than an enemy.

Be Tenacious

Fear of rejection is deeply ingrained in most people. Our subconscious mind desperately wants us to feel good and safe. It sees its job as protecting us from change and potential painful emotions. It is so much easier to avoid than to risk rejection, but if we always avoid it, we can never overcome the fear.

The only to overcome this fear is through constant practice. Repeated exposure makes us realize firstly, that rejection is less common than we anticipate, and secondly, that we don't die, even we are rejected.

Keep your eyes on the goal, and accept that you may have to wade through some mud (figuratively) to reach the firm shore you are aiming for.

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