Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?
Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?​

How to write texts that make men want you.

Turn Up the Heat! Writing Texts that Attract Men

Writing a text to make a man want you is a unique skill. This text must give your man a “good feeling”, and he needs to know that it comes from the heart, your heart, not anyone else’s. It must stand above all others, meaning that it can’t be too generic and he can’t feel as though anybody could have written it except you. Unfortunately, if you don’t make that happen, the conversation won’t go anywhere, lead to anything, and it definitely won’t excite him to want more from you. A text message like the one you need to send can be pretty tricky, that’s why you should consider “Text Chemistry”, a top-selling eBook from communication expert Amy North with details and advice regarding all things text messages to become even more desirable and leave him shaking with obsession.

To send a successful text that will keep him wanting more from you, you’ll first need to make him happy. Start by complimenting him on how he looked the last time you saw him; men need to hear a compliment every now and again to let them know that you took an interest in how he looks and the effort that was put in. Tell him how he makes you feel! No point in sending any kind of text that doesn’t allow for that, as he needs to know this and also if those feelings are being reciprocated. Once that is established, you can have a bit of the fun with the following texts, by leaving little “fill in the blanks” on what he does to make you feel good—let his imagination wander! Those messages will ensure your man will never be bored, your attention is solely focused on him, and his imagination and desires will be aroused. Letting him know how good he makes you feel will let him see what he can have the next time you meet. Sending a naughty text here or there will keep him thinking about you throughout the day and wanting more, and that’s exactly what you want.

Remember to keep your texts short and simple, the last thing you want to do is bore him or completely over-do it. If he answers you with very little information or short answers, he has lost interest in the meaning you were trying to send. Keep your messages short but to the point, leaving him wanting more of you, so he will have to show his appreciation of you when you meet again. If he is looking for clarification when you meet, then you’ll just have to show him in a good way. Be confident and take initiative—don’t be afraid, but remember, you must be able to back up your words with actions, otherwise you’ll end up in a hot mess!

Knowing when to end the texting conversation is just as important as initiating it. The main key to this lies in not leaving the conversation completely closed, leave it with him needing to know a little more. Keeping him wondering and intrigued is the best thing, it keeps him wanting and needing more. Always be yourself when sending these messages. The last thing you want is to let him get to know someone who doesn’t really exist, believe me, he will find out eventually, and all your hard work and time will go down the drain.

Now that you have a better understanding and what messages to send, be the one in charge and let him know how you feel when you are apart, and especially let him know when you are together. It’s always important to keep him interested via texts, and then leave him wanting more until you are together in-person. Messages don’t have to be boring by being too long in getting to the point, keep them simple and honest, and always let him know how you make him feel. To learn the #1 text that leaves a man shaking with desire and obsession, click the link below to learn more about Amy North’s best selling book “Text Chemistry”!