Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?
Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?​

How To Overcome Your Fear of Rejection

Your arrival on this page is not by chance or accident. You sought the universe for help; that is why you are here – for a reason. Your desire for self-improvement led you to pursue the answer. You seek to know how you can be stronger in the face of rejection. You seek to know what you can do to gain power over your situation.

Almost everyone will understand where you are coming from because they will have been in a similar experience before. People have stories to share about their own encounters with rejection. We just differ in our ways and ability to handle the situation.

Did you know that the answer to what you seek is already planted within? Like a seed, it needs to be watered and nurtured for it to grow as the natural part of you.

There are proven ways to help you develop confidence in the face of rejection. The secret lies in affirmation, the pursuit of growth, in remembering, and by the realization that you possess the power to recreate the energy that flows around you.

Here is your guide to overcoming your fear of rejection.

Change Your Personal Outlook

Remember this: no matter how many times people would make you feel less as a person, even if they try to exclude you, or even make you feel that there's something undesirable about you, you must never for a moment allow their words to become part of your reality.

Your worth does not depend on another person's opinion of you.

To overcome rejection, you need to remember that your value can never be commanded by another person. To overcome the experience of rejection, you need to change your personal outlook.

You are not weak. You are beautiful. You are smart and talented. You are good and kind. You are a blessing to others.

Teach people how to treat you by refusing to be trodden down while at the same time imparting respect and kindness. Do not allow anyone else to dictate your personal value.

Take Care of Your Self and Physical Appearance

Let's admit it; we get judged by the way we appear externally. In all truth, we are very likely guilty of doing the same to others. In a world where attractiveness is a currency, there is a need for us to take care of our physical appearance because the way we package ourselves shows others our level of self-assurance, self-love, and self-respect.

People tend to gravitate toward others who exude confidence. If you wish to minimize the fear of rejection, you need to exercise actions that will assist your self-confidence. When you show love to yourself by taking the time to look your very best, you radiate this feeling to others. This will compel people to act more positively toward you and treating you with the level of respect and acceptance you deserve.

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Be Inspired – Watch, Read, and Listen

Whenever you feel that your inner spark is wavering, reach out to the universe for inspiration. Seek help in motivational videos, books, and music that helps you anchor and reconnect to the wisdom that you have forgotten. Watching, reading, and listening to positive messages helps a person to overcome rejection.

When we learn how others have struggled and how they overcame their limitations, it empowers us. It strengthens our inner light, our resilience. It connects us to our inner peace. The experience tells us that the way to overcome rejection is to make our spirit stronger than our doubts and fears.

Choose the Company You Keep

To overcome an unreasonable and debilitating fear of rejection, a change is often necessary. You may need to uproot yourself out of your toxic environment. You need to choose the company you keep. How can you find peace and healing in a place where you are continually being undermined as a person?

You must spend more time around people who value your worth. This does not necessarily mean uprooting your life and running away. In many cases, by changing your attitude and actions, you can take greater control over the degree of influence others can apply.

Develop Your Therapy

What if your loved one breaks up with you because they cannot envision you in their future? What if your boss suddenly fires you because they perceive your skills are a mismatch to what the company stands for? What if your best friend is throwing a party, and not only are you the last person to know, but you are also not invited?

What do you do? Most people know more about what to do with a cut than attending to a broken heart. To overcome the fear of rejection, you need to learn the skill of Emotional First Aid.

Emotional First Aid is all about knowing how to deal with your thoughts and feelings in the face of a hurtful situation such as rejection.

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