Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?
Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?​

Night Routines Can Produce Better Results the Next Day

Our routines are inevitably linked to our outcomes.

Most successful people swear by their daily routines. These are often tested-and-proven habits that deliver the most productivity and satisfaction to their days and lives. In other words, daily routines are our life systems.

But we don't have to be the president of a company, or a bestselling author, or a multimillionaire to value our routines and put more intention, and therefore effectiveness, into them. A meaningful life is made up of its little parts, done well each day, contributing to our happiness, success, and progress over time.

When we take a closer look at our routines, we can learn why we are the way we are. It's not the easiest thing to admit that we have a cluster of negative habits we can't also seem to get rid of, even to ourselves. To look at our daily routines in a more conscious light is really what living our lives with more intention and direction is all about.

Successful people are guided by their morning routines and rituals. But night routines are just as important and very much influence our days as well. When we're able to sleep well during the night, it will have a direct impact on our following day. When we are well-rested, we are healthier and productive and able to do all of our plans for that day.

Remember when you were younger and had 8 hours of sleep every night? It doesn't stop there. Night routines are just as important to our success and health overall throughout our lives.

Here are helpful night routines to help you get the most success out of your life, every day.

Sleeping On Time Every Night

When you sleep early and on time each night, you'll also get much better rest. As a result, you'll be able to wake up earlier in the morning to carry out all of your plans! It's counterproductive to plan on waking up early the next day to get things done, but get insufficient sleep. There may be occasional, stressful days that look like this, but this isn't a healthy daily routine to have. Don't let it become a habit! Adequate sleep is important – enough to feel truly rested – and you need it every night to allow your body a chance to replenish and heal itself.

Writing Your To-Do List the Night Before

There's something very effective about preparing your to-do list the night before. It sets you up with a clearer purpose and direction for your day the moment you wake up the next morning. When you spend that significant first hour of your day writing your to-do list, the immediacy affects your planning focus. It also eats up time that could be spent on doing instead of planning. Writing your to-do list the night before can work wonders for your productivity.

Prepare Your Wardrobe for the Next Day

Many people spend too much time getting dressed in the morning. This is often in searching for clothes and repeatedly changing their mind about what to wear. If your closet is disorganized, you might be losing a lot of valuable time in the morning looking for a particular outfit. Instead of doing this before leaving for work, why not lay out your outfit the night before? This can dramatically reduce your morning prep time and help you start with fewer decisions the next day.

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Unwind with A Good Book

Finding it hard to sleep? Read a book. Instead of endlessly scrolling through your phone or computer, which exposes you to blue light and keeps you more alert triggers insomnia, go old school with a trusty book in hand. You'll feel sleepy much faster.

No Screen Time One Hour Before You Go to Bed

Our computer screens and mobile screens emit blue light each time we use them. This not only contributes to eye strain but can also mess with our sleeping patterns due to its effect on the sleep hormone melatonin. The best way is to put your phones and other devices away at least one hour before you go to sleep, so you can unwind and make sure to fall asleep on time.

Plan and Prepare Your Meals the Next Day

Do you spend a significant amount of time wondering what to eat at every meal? If you usually have a busy morning, preparing your breakfast and lunch the night before can help you manage your time better and still eat healthily.

Write or Reflect About Your Day in a Journal

A good habit is to write about your day before it ends. While your memories are fresh on the things that happened during that day is the best time to chronicle them. You don't have to spend a long time doing this. Just writing at least one thing you're grateful for is a good start and does a lot to keep you emotionally healthy. Plus, keeping a journal is another great habit to start!

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