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Reasons Why You May Be Ignoring Your Intuition

Why You Might Be Overlooking Your Gut Feelings

Our intuition plays a crucial role in our lives. Still, the real question is when did you last pay attention to your gut feelings? Have you been dismissing your intuition as insignificant?

At times, you need to introspect when you have a hunch about something. Even if you cannot substantiate it with concrete facts and figures, it doesn't imply it's not worth your attention.

Could This Be Why You're Overlooking Your Intuition?

You could be knowingly neglecting your intuition or doing so out of habit. Below are some reasons for this and some possible solutions.

Fear of Being Wrong

A significant reason many people overlook their intuition is due to the fear of making errors. As intuition often defies logic, they are reluctant to take a risk and be mistaken. Your harshest critic is yourself, so you must learn to heed your inner voice and not be overly critical.

Allow yourself to make mistakes, because it's only through practice that you can refine your intuition. Errors are part of the process that enables you to gain more experience and knowledge.


Self-doubt parallels the fear of making mistakes. It's another obstacle hindering you from listening to your instincts. As you cannot be entirely certain, you end up undermining your inner voice. To mitigate self-doubt, listen and act on your instincts. You'll harmonize with yourself and learn to trust it with more practice.

Fear of Taking Responsibility

Trust your intuition can often involve making decisions without factual evidence. There are instances where you are confident about your decisions, although you can't articulate why. However, if you fear being accountable should things go south, you could be overlooking your intuition when you shouldn't.

Even though it may seem safer to ignore your intuition to avoid blame, doing so can lead to indecisiveness and mistrust.

Don't fear that the result might prove you wrong. Instead, feel empowered that you can live life to the fullest by exploring all possibilities.


Distractions are another obstacle to trusting your instincts. If your mind is cluttered, you might find it challenging to focus and hear your inner voice. You could be multitasking, not taking time for yourself, constantly on your phone, or procrastinating on social media.

You need clarity of thought to not overlook your intuition. Catch yourself when you're always rushing and do one thing at a time.

Meditation can help clear your mind and learn to concentrate on the present, recognizing when your intuition is trying to communicate. Take a moment, breathe, and focus.

The Belief in Only One Correct Choice

If you believe that there's only a yes or no, and absolutely no maybes, this could be a reason why you're overlooking your intuition.

Various aspects of your life don't have a single correct choice. It's not always black or white, good or bad. There are shades in between, and that's where intuition can be very handy. Do away with these rules because life isn't absolute. It's filled with twists and turns, so trusting your instincts allows you to navigate freely and confidently.

Toxic Relationships

Your surroundings have a significant impact on how you can cultivate your intuition. If you're in any form of toxic relationships or an unsupportive environment, you likely struggle with trusting your intuition.

The people around you might explicitly tell you to dismiss your feelings and, worse still, ridicule or call you insane. This can undermine your self-confidence, making you more scared of making errors.

Toxic relationships might also make you feel obliged to please others and neglect yourself, which might stifle your intuition. While being altruistic is admirable, it's equally important to prioritize yourself and not neglect your personal needs.

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Wrapping Up

Intuition is not something to be overlooked; it's a positive trait! Instead, you can enhance your intuition by consciously and intentionally heeding it and acting promptly. Don't fear taking risks and occasionally listening to your gut feelings. It will provide you with more experience and reinforce your intuition, making it easier to trust.

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