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Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?​

5 Signs That You Do Not Respect Yourself

Lack of self-respect is a problem that can bleed quickly into other aspects of your life. Yourself respect determines how you will respond in everyday situations, how you will allow others to treat you, and finally how you treat yourself.

Many would argue that having self-respect is directly linked to gaining happiness in your life. The first step to changing your life is recognizing that you are struggling, so read below to learn about the warning signs that point to a lack of self-respect.

You Are Willing to Bend Your Moral Code

Everyone has a moral code, a set of general rules that they will or will not accept for themselves. These are invisible boundaries, they are not written down, they do not exist outside the realm of your own mind. But these boundaries are crucial for determining yourself worth.

If you find yourself easily swayed by outside influences, then you may be struggling with low self-respect. This sign becomes particularly apparent in relationships. If you find that significant others or close friends are able to make you go beyond your moral boundaries, then it is time to examine your self-respect.

You Cannot Function by Yourself

Many people who struggle with respecting themselves form co-dependent relationships. Co-dependent relationships are defined as relationships where one person cannot function well without the other. This is not exclusive to romantic relationships, either. Friendships can easily become co-dependent relationships and the hard truth of the matter is that this is not healthy for any participant.

If you think that the “co-dependent” relationship description applies to any of your relationships, then it may be time to evaluate your relationship with yourself. If you cannot function by yourself, then you simply cannot rely on yourself.

You Take the Blame for Everything

This is a major problem for people who are struggling with respecting themselves. Because people with low self-respect tend to dwell in toxic relationships, they tend to develop a habit of taking the blame any time something goes wrong. Unfortunately, this habit applies in non-toxic relationships as well as toxic ones.

The simple truth of the matter is that everything cannot be your fault. If you feel this way, it may be time to ask for some help. Further friends and romantic partners who allow you to routinely take the blame for things that are not your fault may not be the best positive influences for your life.

You Do Not Believe in Yourself

If you cannot believe in yourself then why would anyone else? Self-deprecation is not only a sign of a lack of self-respect, I fear that it is a sign of something much larger. If you are having trouble believing in your own worth, then it is time to seek outside help for this problem.

A visit to a counselor or a doctor may be in order if your lack of self-respect presents itself in self-deprecation. You are worth so much more than you believe. It is time to set some goals and celebrate the success you see along the way.

You Prioritize Your Physical Appearance

Lastly, people who are struggling with self-respect tend to prioritize their physical appearance over their mental or physical well-being. This is a sign of low self-respect that coincides with low self-esteem. Further, these tendencies tend to present in a negative light, meaning that the preoccupation with physical appearance manifests in negative observations of your reflection in the mirror.

The good news is that low self-respect is an issue that can be tackled. However, depending on your awareness of the issue, this self-understanding may be best tackled through the help of a mental professional. One thing is for sure, increasing your self-respect will increase your overall positive outlook on life.