Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?
Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?​

Tips to Guide You in Creating the Best Morning Routine

To help you live a healthier lifestyle and sustain productivity long-term, no matter what your work is or what business you are in, you can begin by making changes to something simple but very powerful – your morning routine.

Routines are fundamental to our success in life and our health. It is said that if you value life, then you value your time as well. Our time is significantly made up of and greatly influenced by our daily routines.

You may already be aware of the morning routines of some of your favorite personalities. Maybe they wake up at 5 AM each day, have a cold shower first thing in the morning, and meditate daily. If just thinking of how they do it sends you spiraling down the ladder of discouragement because it sounds too impossible for you to do, stop right there.

There is a right morning routine for everyone. You don't have to follow a celebrity's morning routine to the letter if you are essentially a very different person. The beauty of morning routines is that it's something you can design for yourself and something that should seamlessly blend into your own unique life.

Just because you don't wake up at 5 AM every day like Oprah doesn't mean you're doomed to a life of failure or you are incapable of stellar accomplishments. If you function at your best when you jump out of bed at 7 AM after getting 8 hours of sleep, then you should stick with that. We're just wired very differently from others. Some are early birds while others are night owls. Getting to know yourself well is part of the process of crafting the morning routine that's right for you.

Here are some tips to help you design the best daily morning routine for yourself.

Choose Routines that Fit Your Life and Your Schedule Appropriately

Listen to what your body says and needs. Are you a night owl who functions best in the evening? Stop forcing yourself to wake up at 5 AM if that's the case. Don't burn the candle at both ends. It won't serve you well if you go to sleep very late at night and wake up very early in the morning every day unless you're used to that. If you desire to become a morning person because either you've had a change of heart or your work now demands it, you have to start sleeping earlier as well. It's about trade-offs.

Create a Routine That You Can Commit to Long-Term

A routine sounds boring because, essentially, it is an activity that you do and then repeat again and again in your life. But if your morning routine is based on activities that resonate with you, then committing to doing them every day won't be a chore, especially once you start seeing the benefits. It doesn't mean that your routine should be designed for pleasure; you know that it is a productivity tool. But it should be doable and leave you feeling accomplished, which will put you in a great mood at the start of the day.

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Implement the "Five-Second Rule" at the Beginning

Author and speaker, Mel Robbins, is well-known for her "five-second rule" which is a technique for getting things done. At the start, while you're trying to build a good routine of your own choice, old habits might make it very difficult to take action.

The 5-second rule states that if you have an item on your agenda, you must do it right away and physically move yourself to action before your brain hijacks the idea and causes procrastination. It's a great technique for making a new change.

Read Positive Affirmations or Quotes

Weren't you just so inspired last night when you planned to wake up at a particular time and do all of the tasks you listed down? So why are you up this morning hating your alarm clock's annoying sound? Your natural urge is to forget everything and leave inspiration in dreamland.

So if you're struggling to motivate yourself today, a simple technique is to read positive quotes or affirmations to renew your motivation all over again. Hey, it's a new day!

Make it Holistic

There are many morning routines out there to choose from. A good way to decide is to segment them according to their benefits – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and other specific niches such as home or work. List down sub-routines that you think will benefit a certain aspect of your life.

Choose activities that will benefit your growth and progress in the aspects that are important for you right now. Start with that and you will be on your way to designing a morning routine that benefits you in the most effective way.

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