Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?
Are YOU Ready to Experience the Difference?​

Consistency is the Key to Breaking Bad Habits


Everyone has habits that cause a lack of productivity is some form or another. Whether you spend too much time on social media, spend too much money on clothes each month, or eat an unhealthy snack every night before bed, habits can become very powerful and hard to break.

Although people often associate habits with ones that are detrimental to your health, habits can also be what makes one successful. Habits come from consistency, and by changing just a couple of aspects of your life each day, you can break these habits and turn them into beneficial ones.

By staying consistent with your choices and being committed to breaking these habits, you can create a more productive lifestyle and feel more mentally stable.

Causes of Bad Habits

Bad habits are often a result of boredom or attempting to forget about the stress going on in life. Bad habits are often easy ways to escape reality and forget about the negative thoughts that go on in your mind. Whether it be shopping to forget about the stress at home or watching the television for an extensive period of time, there are ways to recognize bad habits and shift them for a more productive life.

Rather than trying to never watch television again or never keeping snacks in the house, there are ways to gradually adjust these habits and be practical about change. It can seem impossible for a chain-smoker to completely eliminate smoking from his life but replacing these bad habits can slowly can make the process more bearable and even exciting.

How to Break These Habits

There are many ways to think of bad habits in a more positive light by creating replacements that can be consistent in your life and realistic.

By sticking to a specific goal and being gradual in your efforts, you will be more willing to break bad habits and stay consistent over time.

• Choose a Specific Replacement: If you find yourself watching more television than you would like but you are unsure of how else to spend your free time, read an enjoyable book. Books have been proven to be much better for your mental health and can keep you engaged and excited. By stimulating the brain in an interesting way, you will be able to stick to a consistent reading routine that is key to breaking the television habit.

• Work on Breaking the Habit with a Friend: Often times, working on changing a habit with a friend can keep you much more consistent and motivated. If you are trying to stop snacking on junk food before bed, ask your husband to do it with you. This will cause you to keep each other accountable and you will want to feel dependable.

• Get Rid of Any Instigates: Getting rid of things that trigger you to repeat these bad habits will ultimately make you less inclined to break them. If you keep junk food in the house but are trying to cut it out, you are giving yourself the opportunity to make excuses for yourself to give in to temptation. By keeping the junk food in the pantry to a minimal, you will be more consistent with your goals.

Why Consistency is Key

If you plan to follow a short-term diet plan or make less junk food without being specific, bad habits will likely be more powerful than your determination. Making healthy choices in moderation rather than restricting yourself allows you to be more consistent with your lifestyle and get rid of the habits that are holding you back.

Consistency allows you to stay consistent with breaking these habits and replacing them with new ones.