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Ways to Get More Respect from Other People

Respect is a very basic concept, one that should be expected at all times in a civil society. We could probably all use a little more respect in our lives. It makes it so much easier to live in harmony with others, amidst our natural differences.

Your overall evaluation of a person's total worth, based on how they live their lives, how they treat you and other people, and all other known factors that contribute to your impression, builds up your respect for a person. That is why it often said that respect must be earned. All too commonly, respect for others may be based on very subjective criteria, depending on the standards the person deems valuable.

The esteem you have for another person could be subject to various circumstances. For example, some people have a lower regard for those who rent their homes, compared to others who own theirs. Some people may have little respect for someone who is unemployed, regardless of the circumstance that may have caused it.

We usually don't know what people truly think of us, and in many ways, we want them to see our best. But to some degree, their perception is beyond our control. Regardless of how people see you or value you, you deserve basic respect at all times. When we feel respected by others, it gives us a sense of positive regard about ourselves.

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Things You Can Do to Get More Respect

Do you want to get more respect? We all do. Of course, it is natural to wish for respect from others, as a natural right and not something that needs to be earned. However, in this real world, it doesn't always work that way. This does mean that there are some actions that you can take that will make others show you greater respect.

Here are some actions and behaviors that will engender more respect from other people.

Be respectful and polite to others

Disrespect begets disrespect. You cannot expect people to respect you if you are disrespectful yourself. Respect is something that you reap based on your own actions. Mutual respect is based on reciprocation. When people see that you are respectful and polite, it naturally makes them respect you more.

Often the respect you experience from other people is a simple reflection of yourself. In a perfect world, this would probably be the case. So always be respectful and polite and manifest the basic decencies that others are entitled to. Being considerate of others is a very basic way of being respectful.

Have self-respect

It is difficult to expect others to respect you if your actions show that you don't respect yourself. How people view us is beyond our control, but what matters, even more, is how we view and portray ourselves.

Be impeccable with your words and actions. Integrity is the quality of being honest with strong moral principles. If you want more respect, you've got to uphold your integrity at all times. Do not be sneaky or underhanded.

Prove that you can be relied upon

Respect and trust go hand in hand. If people can't trust you, they cannot have a deep respect for you. There are many ways to prove to others that you can be trusted. Some of these things include; keeping your commitments, showing people that you make good judgments and decisions based on the results of your choices, and practicing the highly-regarded values of humility, kindness, and fairness towards other people.


Lying is the fastest way for people to lose respect for you. The moment you are found out, you will naturally be relegated to being someone untrustworthy, and in turn, not deserving of respect. It has been said that honesty is the highest form of respect. When you prove yourself an honest person, whose actions and words consistently mesh in all ways, people will naturally grant you respect. An old song has its sentiments about ‘honesty as a lonely word and hardly ever heard because everyone is so untrue.' Proving to people that you're one of the rare few who keep and honor their word, and is truthful, will make them respect you.

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